Airsoft games, the associated guns, and accessories are my biggest hobby. And, just because I like this activity so much, I also know this is an expensive hobby that requires time and dedication if you’re not living off an inheritance.

So what’s there to do? Well, the solution is to look for cheap airsoft guns that come with good features. While these may sound like a rare breed, these guns are still quite easy to find. You just need to know what to look for and where.

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There is also the occasional discount for airsoft guns sold online so, if you’re patient enough, you might have the chance to land a beauty without breaking the bank.

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Things To Consider With Cheap Airsoft Guns

If you’re just starting with airsoft or you’re just an occasional shooter, you don’t need to invest too much money in guns. Of course, a professional gun looks and feels amazing in your hands, but there’s no point in buying it if it will be gathering dust in your garage. Check out my home page here on the recommend guns.

So, regardless of your level of experience and passion, below I listed some of the features you should consider when looking at cheap but good airsoft guns.

#1: Avoid a plastic gearbox

There are affordable guns for sale, and there are rubbish ones. So, you shouldn’t get too excited if you find a $20 LPEG (Low Powered Electric Gun). If the gearbox is plastic, it will break after your first ten shots, and you’ll get the bitter taste of losing your money.

There are affordable airsoft guns out there that support a metal gearbox and a plastic body. These should be your main focus.

#2: Check for upgrade possibilities

Even if you won’t buy anything new for a while, it’s good to know there is the possibility of upgrading your gun to a better version. After all, it may be cheaper to buy accessories than to buy a whole new gun.

Guns that allow updates are designed on similar platforms and usually producers mention if they are compatible. Also, if your rifle has a rail that allows for a scope, you’re already on the right path.

#3: A plastic body is not a bad thing

I’ve heard many professional airsoft players complaining about a full plastic body. Well, if the plastic if high-quality, I don’t see any reasons to complain. Yes, a full-metal body is more durable and feels better in your hands, but it also costs more.

If you’re a beginner, a plastic body is a perfect way to go. There’s also the possibility to choose an airsoft gun with a plastic body and replace it with a metal one when you have more money.

#4: Think about durability in time

I will continue the plastic body vs. full-metal body debate. In this day and age, the plastic used for the best inexpensive airsoft guns is durable and hard. This means that it won’t rust, it won’t scratch (with a bit of care from your side), and the paint won’t scratch off after a while.

So, if you think about it, a plastic body is more durable than a metal one; time wise.

#5: The Hop Up

If you ever shot an airsoft gun, you know that a Hop Up is necessary for adjusting the trajectory and accuracy. The Hop Up is a mechanism that allows you to increase accuracy and improve the trajectory so the BBs won’t go too high.

The Hop Up is necessary when you’re using different types of BBs (.20g instead of .12g for instance), and it should be on every gun your own. So, if you can’t find a cheap airsoft gun with adjustable Hop Up, it’s best to wait for some more expensive airsoft guns to go on sale.

#6: Accessibility to Spare Parts

It happens! Cheap or expensive, airsoft guns do break sometimes! Now, if you don’t want to invest in another one, it’s best to first check spare parts’ availability on the market. Also, consider the price as you don’t want to spend more on parts than you did on the gun.

Top 3 Cheap Airsoft Guns For Sale

Below you can find my opinion on the top three affordable airsoft guns that still promise excellent quality. Some of them may also be found at discounted prices from time to time so be patient with your purchase.

M82 Full-Auto AEG – Replica SIG SG 552 (Reasonably Priced)

Type: Full-auto or semi-auto AEG

Muzzle Velocity: 200 – 250 FPS

Material: Full ABS plastic body

Magazine: 40 rounds

Battery: Rechargeable Ni-cad battery

Special features: Hop-up, Accessories: electric scope, grip, flashlight, and silencer; ABS Rail Interface System with 20mm rail covers, charger

This is an affordable gun and works great for both beginner and advanced users (if you want to remember your first days). While the body is plastic, you’ll see it feels good in your hands, and it will resist to a lot of abuse. However, try to remember that this is not metal so don’t be too careless with it.

In terms of design, the M82 is a replica of the SIG 552 Commando carbine rifle in full scale. The SIG 552 is a mini-assault rifle designed to be used in tight spaces and implements one of the most elegantly engineered mechanisms in its category.

Back to the M82 AEG, I like that it comes with a lot of accessories (even though they are quite cheap in build). This is what you get in the box (besides the rifle):

  • The magazine
  • Mock silencer – sadly this one is no good as it will mess with your accuracy
  • Electronic Red Cross Sight and the battery for it – this one works pretty well for the price
  • Laser and Flashlight
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Charger and battery

As you can see, you just have to open the box, and you’ll be almost ready for battle. However, I recommend replacing the parts that feel cheap as you develop your skills.

To my surprise, the M82 AEG is quite accurate, even though it’s just at 200 FPS. Usually, airsoft guns on sale that are cheap tend to have small accuracy problems, but this one is very nice to shoot (if you don’t add the suppressor). If you are interested in knowing more read my leading airsoft rifles review recommendation.

The gun has a short barrel and is quite compact. This makes it great for CQB and, if you find yourself in need, the stock can be folded to make it even more compact. It’s also light, so it will be easy to maneuver in tight spots.


  • Durable body (considering the price)
  • Great velocity
  • Good accuracy
  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • It looks great
  • Folding Stock


  • It’s not very powerful
  • Silencer is no good
  • Red dot is shaky

Black Replica Walther P99 (Pistol At A Bargain)

Type: Blowback with rapid semi-automatic action

Muzzle Velocity: 380 FPS

Range: 120 feet

Material: Metal slider, Smooth-Bore metal barrel, Plastic body

Magazine: 15 rounds

Special features: trademark engravings, textured grip, fixed Hop Up

The Walther P99 Black Replica is first and foremost a beautiful airsoft pistol! With the most important components cast in metal, a good quality polymer body and trademark engravings on the slider, this is one of those airsoft gun deals you don’t have to miss.

Since it is a full-scale replica of one of the most popular side arms in the world, you can buy a real holster for a P99 and use it. I recommend doing this as it’s a great experience, especially if this is your first airsoft gun.

The build is solid, and the aluminum slider is very impressive (considering the price). Even more the metal ‘click’ sound it makes sounds like the one from a real gun which will instantly make you popular among beginners.

Just keep in mind that the blowback action is pretty powerful and that this is a rapid semi-automatic weapon. You only need to cock your gun once, and then you can unleash rapid fire on your enemies.

One feature I like is the fact that it doesn’t leak CO2. CO2 leakages happen to more expensive guns as well, but the P99 replica is very good at keeping your CO2 consumption at optimum levels. This also means you’ll get consistent accuracy with each shot during rapid fire.

You have to be prepared to buy more than one spare magazines. These are thin and fragile, and you’ll easily break one of them in the heat of the moment. Otherwise, the BBs load fast but you may encounter some issues with changing the CO2 cartridge.

In summary, the P99 replica is not recommended for advanced users, but if this is your first CO2 pistol with blowback, I think you’ll like it. The weight and design are great, and the general behavior makes it one of the top airsoft pistols for a cheap purchase.


  • Slide and barrel are metal
  • Quite Powerful
  • It is comfortable and easy to hold
  • Makes the right sound
  • It can be improved with high-quality accessories (laser or flashlight)
  • CO2 doesn’t leak


  • Plastic body, but it’s not very cheap
  • Slide jiggles a little bit during action
  • Sometimes the slide gets blocked

ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft (Great For Low Budget Shooters)

Affordable Gun

Type: CO2, non-blowback action, semi-automatic

Muzzle Velocity: 409-443 FPS

Range: 130 feet

Material: Metal gearbox

Magazine: 15 rounds

Special features: Foldable Bipod, laser (adjustable & removable), lower RIS rail, full-length Picatinny top rail

The TAC-6 rifle is one of the easiest airsoft guns to upgrade. This is possible due to the two rails: a lower RIS rail and full-length Picatinny top rail. The lower rail is used for mounting the included foldable bipod but can also be used for adding extra accessories such as tactical lights. The upper Picatinny rail is great for mounting a scope and other useful accessories.

The rifle uses CO2 for power so you can expect at high fire rate on the field. However, because there is no Hop Up you might experience some accuracy issues.

At first look, the rifle looks amazing featuring a minimalistic design with a great pistol grip. Speaking of the pistol grip, this is where you’ll introduce the stick type magazine designed for fast reload under pressure. I recommend buying multiple magazines as one can only hold up to 15 BBs.

The thumbhole stock is equipped with a rubber pad for increased comfort when you shoulder the rifle. Even more, it is just big enough to fit people wearing tactical gear.

Some like to call this a sniper rifle, but this may be a bit of a stretch, find out which are the premium airsoft snipers out there for sale. Yes, it is equipped with all the right tools, but the accuracy is not designed for sniping. However, it is powerful and a lot of fun to use, especially if you consider the fact that it comes with laser beams attached to the front of the gun. There is an ON/OFF switch that can be easily activated using just your thumb.

To summarize, I think the ASG Tac-6 rifle is one of those best airsoft gun package deals since it comes with a cool set of accessories and there’s plenty of space for improvement. It may not be that great for sniping, but it does a great job for a beginner who wants to train in the art.


  • The build is solid – it feels sturdy in your hands.
  • Good C02 consumption rate for a rifle
  • Easy to upgrade due to the included rails


  • No Hop Up
  • Not so good for sniping