Airsoft is the best real-life experience that gets close to what you see in video games and movies. After all, you get to play with realistic military style guns, you plan battle strategies, and you live and breathe the battle atmosphere.

Still, nothing screams gun fight more like a shotgun, right? I noticed that lately, airsoft enthusiasts are more interested in this type of weapon which is quite nice considering how good it looks in one’s hands. The shotgun is intimidating for the enemy and inspires courage and power for the one holding it. But you need to know how to choose the best for your needs.

At a quick look, you’ll notice the market is flooded with different types and models, each featuring lots of characteristics. But do you know which one is best for you? After all, you shouldn’t choose a weapon (even for airsoft) only for its looks!

To help you find the best one on sale for your needs, I at (Goog Gun) tested and reviewed some of the top airsoft shotguns you can find online, I also reviewed top snipers on airsoft if you are into sniping. To make sure I deliver a high-quality, reliable airsoft shotgun review for each product, I considered several features that matter the most when you want to buy.

TSD Airsoft Shotgun SD88SB (Best For Beginners)

Type: Action Spring

Speed: Up to 350 – 380 FPS

Material: Metal and plastic

Magazine: 30 rounds

BB type: 0.20g

Special features: Pistol grip, Four Loading Magazines, Mountable Shell Holster

The TDS SD88SB is a pretty good-looking gun and it impresses with a good grip and weight. I know most of you like it because you’ve seen something similar in War of Worlds, but besides this, the gun has all the right features. If you like this bad boy, you may also like some of the finest M4s on the market.

The pistol grip is very handy and allows you to get used to the gun fast, no need for extra accommodation time. The shotgun is considered to be heavy-duty, but I noticed that some plastic parts feel a bit fragile. However, the airsoft shotgun is durable and resists to a lot of wear and tear regardless of the general feel.

I also liked the new feature where you get to actually load the shells into the gun. This makes the experience a lot more real and you get to feel the thrill of the hunt. Not to mention, it is quite powerful and you’ll love holding it!

The TDS SD88SB shoots BBs and the trajectory is almost straight which means the level of accuracy is high. Still, I recommend choosing a day with low wind if you want perfect accuracy.

It also features an adjustable hop so you can control the curve. This means you don’t have to aim high if you’re shooting at long distances.


  • Easy to operate
  • 4 BB magazines
  • The loading mechanism offers the genuine experience
  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast reloading


  • Some safety jam issues
  • Plastic parts feel fragile
  • Shells can be overloaded

Double Eagle Airsoft Shotgun M58B (Editor’s Choice)

Type: Action Spring

Speed: 350-400 FPS

Material: Full metal body and poly-fiber components

Magazine: 15 rounds

BB type: 0.16g, 0.20g

Special features: Pistol grip, Speedloader, Included Sling, Magazine Fed, Cleaning Rod included

If you want a shotgun that feels good in your hands, the M58B is a good choice! Due to the full metal body and the healthy weight, the gun feels almost like the real thing. It’s also quite big (18 inches in length) so you have to take some time to get accustomed to it.

The design is inspired by the real-world Mossberg 590 which is why I consider it to be one of the best airsoft shotguns ever. After all, it gets extremely close to a real tactical shotgun without being too expensive which is impressive in airsoft. Among its best features, I love the heat shield replica on top and the fact that it is magazine fed.

The adjustable hop-up and the fact that the level of accuracy in 100 feet is high, recommend this gun for our list of top airsoft shotguns. Even more, the 400 FPS super-fast shooting speed is more than impressive! I also wrote the top rated minigun review list you should check out.

I also like that the action is smooth and that you can use different BBs with it (check out the number 1 BBs for airsoft). For instance, the gun puts quite a spin on 16g BBs but you can always consider 20g ones (which is where the hop-up feature comes in handy).

While I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner, for me, the M58B is one of the best airsoft shotguns for sale in the world. It is both affordable and durable and the realistic design recommends it for airsoft passionate everywhere.


  • Sturdy build
  • Realistic design
  • Works with several BB types
  • Super speed
  • Great accuracy
  • Lots of accessories


  • The plastic thread cap may break
  • The top barrel pops up sometimes
  • Shoots only one BB at a time

UTG Airsoft Shotgun SOFT-M3L (Most Powerful & Great Price)

Type: Tension spring

Speed: Up to 335 FPS

Material: Metal and polymer

Magazine: 30 rounds

BB type: 0.20g

Special features: Triple Action, Fixed hop-up height, Quick Cocking System, Speed Loader, Included Sling

The UTG combat shotgun may not be the best airsoft shotgun in the world but it comes pretty close! With a solid, durable build and realistic design, this is one of those shotguns that can be easily confused with the real thing. It is also full-scale, measuring 35.5 inches in length. It’s not a cheap gun but it’s a must have.

I have to warn you though, the spring is quite stiff. This means you’ll need a bit of muscle power to use it at full capacity. Still, the rubber coats on the forearm and pistol grip offer a bit more comfort under difficult conditions (mostly a reference to a humid environment). Find out my premium pistol sale list you should know about if you are into pistols as much as I am.

The triple action (3BBs in one shot) is definitely one huge advantage point when you’re looking to buy an airsoft shotgun. Even more, the 120 feet range and high speed (around 335 FPS) make you feel like you’re holding a real gun. To add to this feeling, the reload system is quite realistic as it uses shells.

I didn’t like the fact that it only comes with two shells and you can only load 30 BBs in one round, but this can be easily solved by purchasing some extra shells.


  • Powerful pump-and-fire action
  • 3 BBs in one shot
  • Realistic loading system
  • Sturdy build
  • Extremely realistic design


  • Not for children or people with no muscle power
  • It may malfunction if not pumped properly
  • It only comes with two shells
  • The stock comes loose after a while