Protective gear of the best quality is important for airsoft players, which is why today I will talk about masks and goggles. I browsed the available products for the top airsoft goggles that don’t fog but also included the full face masks that don’t hinder your hearing or speech.

I tried to find the best protective gear for glasses as well, but my first concern was to find equipment that doesn’t fog. For me, the no fog feature is the most important and sits right there with full protection and freedom to breathe.

So, if you want the best products to protect your face, eyes, and head, check out my reviews of face protections without fog like masks & goggles.

Remember, you should always wear a protection while playing with a pistol, rifle or shotgun. I have listed the premium guns for sale for each one of them if you are interested in knowing more.

COXEER (Best Airsoft Mask With No Fog)

Type: Full face

Material: High-quality steel mesh with fabric straps

Head size: Up to 23-inches

BB speed: Up to 700 FPS

Special features: Protects the entire head, secured with strong Velcro

The Coxeer Full Head Mask is the best airsoft mask you want to have when you’re fighting against powerful weapons such as sniper rifles or miniguns. I would highly suggest this one if you are playing against a sniper. Find out more about my top sniper toy for airsofters. I honestly like to recommend it in any airsoft scenario as the level of protection is great and the steel mesh allows you to breathe naturally.

The price (a bit more high than a cheap plastic air soft gun) may keep beginners from buying the leading airsoft face protection. Still, if you can get your hands on it, you won’t need another mask for a long time. The Coxeer mask is durable, and many veterans like to have it in their collection because it won’t fog up. The steel mesh allows the air to flow and there is no screen for the condensation to form regardless of the outside conditions.

I like that the steel mesh can take BBs that travel up to 700 FPS! This means the mask is indestructible on the battlefield. Of course, if you step on it or bang your head against a tough object, the mesh won’t hold.

The side that covers the back of your head and the inner lining is designed with thick fabric that will take as much shock as possible, so you won’t feel the BBs that hit from the back or sides. The mesh doesn’t extend to your ears of mouth, but the fabric reinforcement is powerful enough to keep you away from harm. The amazing part, it won’t block your hearing or speaking because there’s no bulky material covering them.

The Velcro and flexible straps allow the mask to fit many head sizes but not over 23-inches. Even more, you can customize the mesh to fit your face and head structure by bending it as needed. This is also one of the features I like because in case it bends, you can fix it.

One cool thing is that you can wear glasses while wearing the mask. There is enough space on the inside to fit a pair of glasses quite easily.

Finally, you can create the excellent airsoft armor with this mask as it is easy to customize by adding patches and other markings. It usually comes in black and two camouflage versions, but you can get as creative as you want!


  • It is practically indestructible in the field
  • It protects your entire head
  • It’s easy to adjust for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight
  • The mask allows you to breathe and won’t hinder your hearing or speaking
  • Doesn’t fog up


  • Only for heads up to 23-inches
  • Doesn’t resist a real impact
  • It’s not too good-looking

OUTDOORMASTER (Awesome Face Protection)

Type: Full face

Material: Durable plastic and mesh

Head size: One size fits all

Special features: Gorgeous design, no ears protection

This is, without a doubt, a beautiful airsoft mask! Even more, it comes in 9 different styles so you can go as crazy as you want! Still, the design isn’t everything, and the manufacturer made sure it’s also the best airsoft armor so that you won’t get hurt during heated games.

The mask won’t fog up as the eyes are protected with a strong and durable metal mesh, and it will fit any head size due to the six flexible straps at the back. I don’t like that the back of your head is not fully protected but you can always wear a helmet. The same goes for the ears.

The face protection is made out of a single piece of resistant synthetic resin, so there won’t be any loose parts or open spaces on your face for misfired BBs to hit. On the inside, the mask is padded with a rubbery fabric which is why it is such a great fit for most faces.

I like the holes around the mouth and nose as they allow the air to flow and you won’t get super-hot while wearing it. Still, the words may get out a bit muffled due to all the padding on the inside.

While it is not the leading airsoft mask, it comes close, and the great price is also a perk you shouldn’t ignore.


  • Gorgeous design (can be custom painted)
  • Several version of colors
  • Durable
  • Adjusts well to any head size
  • Internal padding for absorbing shocks
  • One piece, full face protection


  • No back head protection
  • No ears protection
  • Words may come out muffled


Crosman Flexible (Top Airsoft Goggles)

Material: Rubber, plastic, flexible headband

Head size: One size fits all

Special features: Flexible build, durable

If you want to go with the goggles and mouth guard combination, you’ll need to find the best airsoft goggles for protection. The Crossman design features a flexible material that increases the goggles durability to shocks. This means they will resist high-speed BBs and being dropped by mistake in the field.

I consider these the best goggles for airsoft because they are a good fit for any head size due to the flexible strap that goes around your head. Even more, the lens is tinted so that you won’t get blinded by the sun or snow.

They may fog up a bit, but the holes, placed on the top and bottom, are designed to prevent such an event. So, even if they fog up a bit, they will get cleared fast. If you want the complete no fog option, I recommend finding the best airsoft mesh goggles.

On the downside, the bridge area is very narrow, so if you have a big nose, they may stay weird on your face. So these are my recommendations, please visit my home page Goog Gun to learn more about the top airsofting guns for sale in the world.


  • Lightweight
  • Don’t fog up easily
  • Good fit for every head size
  • Durable and shock resistant
  • Tinted lenses


  • Not the best airsoft goggles for glasses
  • Can’t use them to play at night
  • Only for small noses