I hope you agree with me when I say it’s difficult to keep from being subjective when you choose the best airsoft brands. Each player has particular needs and preferences, so I can safely say that there is no one ‘best brand’ for everyone.

4.9 / 5

4.8 / 5

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4.8 / 5

Even more, not everyone is looking for the same type of gun. For instance, some of you might want the top air soft Glock, or the best air-soft grenade thrower, while others might be looking for a premium machine gun. As you can see, these are very different weapons, and there isn’t one single brand to produce them all.

This is why I decided to put together a series of reviews on the three best brands I like most. I consider these to be the air-soft brands that are better overall, but I also listened to general recommendations from other experts and the general public opinion. Still, you shouldn’t expect to find only good products from the companies I chose. There will always be good and not so good series, but when you put together the features, the final price, and the upgrade possibilities, these brands stand out from the crowd.

FirePower (Cheap and Affordable Company)

FirePower is a brand of the CyberGun Company, which is one of the largest airsoft companies in this niche and has affordable airsoft products.

CyberGun is a soft air gun company based in France, and their main activity is the design of replica weapons for sport, outdoor shooting, video games, and collectors. They own a broad range of brands, and their replicas cover lots of well-known names such as Smith & Wesson, Uzi, Sig Sauer, Kalashnikov or FirePower.

They don’t usually sell their weapons to the final buyer directly which is why you’ll find their airsoft guns on Amazon and most of the other online platforms dedicated to selling airsoft products.

But, back to the FirePower brand. These weapons are usually rebranded HFCs or KWCs and are put together in Taiwan. However, I like their design as most pistols and rifles from FirePower are slick and beautiful.

Honestly, this is not the first brands I would choose for high-quality weapons, but their strength is in the multitude of products that fit the niche and low prices. FirePower is a cheap brand, but they do have some good entry-level products that fit most beginners.

Some users appreciate the FirePower brand for their amazing airsoft gas pistols and spring guns, but I like them for the diversity of weapons and for the accessories they sell. Variety is great when you’re a beginner looking for the best AEG or the top revolver, but you don’t know the type of gun that fits you.

Regarding accessories, I would recommend them to most beginners, as you’ll find everything from the premium air soft eye protection to vests and knee pads. FirePower can help you put together the best equipment without spending a ton of money on protective gear.

You’ll also find quality BBs, magazines, excellent optics, gas canisters, and super targets under this brand. They are present on almost any market and, in most cases, FirePower guns are cheap, but they support a hard plastic body and good inner workings, so you will have the necessary tools to learn your way into air soft practices.

So, if you are a beginner looking for the leading air-soft guns under 50 dollars, FirePower is the right brand for you.


  • A high diversity of products in both weapons and accessories niche
  • G weapons (most have a plastic body)
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to find on a wide range of online platforms
  • Most weapons are slick and implement a beautiful design


  • The quality is not to the highest standards
  • FirePower weapons are made in Taiwan

Top FirePower Products

In my opinion, these are the best products produced under the FirePower brand:

CYMA (Perfect Air-soft Brand For Beginners)

CYMA is on my list because they make a fantastic airsoft AK AEG series for a low price (compared with other brands). In any other aspects, CYMA is the best airsoft company for beginners. They don’t support an official site or an online store, but they do sell using a wide range of online platforms.

This brand is popular for their low-cost guns that go well with beginners and people who are not into air-soft in the long term. Of course, low cost doesn’t always mean low quality, but you can’t expect too many high-end products from them.

Most players prefer CYMA over other affordable brands because most of their weapons feature metal components with a plastic body. This is, in my opinion, the ideal combination in airsoft. The plastic used in guns is hard but also lightweight meeting the ideal conditions for super performance in the field.

Even more, most CYMA products come with batteries and chargers, which make their weapons ready to use out of the box. It’s true; you won’t find the outstanding airsoft batteries in such a package, but it’s a good start. You can always save a bit more and buy yourself a high-quality airsoft LiPo battery to replace the stock one.

CYMA produces both springs and AEGs gun styles, so you’ll have plenty of options. Still, I love them for their number one rifle under 100 in the AK-47 series. The AK AEGs are their strong point, and I consider them the go-to brand for this kind of rifle.

Why is their AK so popular? Well, besides the low price, their AEG rifle is equipped with metal receivers, the best motor, and advanced internals. Overall, the CYMA AK-47 is a fantastic platform that both beginners and advanced users can use to grow. The rifle is highly upgradeable and, with a high-quality airsoft red dot and a professional flashlight you will get one of the best electric air-soft guns out there.

To summarize, CYMA in my recommendation at Goog Gun it’s mostly a brand for beginners, but they do present interest for advanced players as well. Still, I like their products and their prices, so I like to recommend these guns to anyone on a budget.


  • Good weapons
  • Great AK AEG series
  • The weapons are delivered with battery and charger
  • They use metal parts for the inner workings
  • Fantastic prices


  • Mostly recommended for beginners
  • Guns are not extra durable

The Best CYMA Products

Besides the AK-47, here are the other two weapons from CYMA I like to recommend:

  • CYMA Polymer M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun
  • CYMA CM352L FPS-300 Spring Airsoft Shotgun

They are both spring, pump action shotguns (check out my shotgun reviews) with a metal, first-class airsoft inner barrel. They produce enough power to put your enemies down from the first shot and feel realistic in spite of the plastic body. Even more, they sound amazing!

ICS (Most Durable and Power Weapons)

ICS (or I Chih Shivan Co.) is a company located in Taiwan, and their main philosophy is based on innovation in producing the best tools for creative recreation.

This company comes with over 30 years of history in creating weapons and accessories for the airsoft industry, and they are considered one of the first-class AEG manufacturers in the world for over 15 years. All this experience is seen in their products (guns, spare parts, and accessories) which are all around ideal for both beginners and professionals.

ICS produces a wide range of pistols and rifles that copy real weapons to the smallest details. Still, they don’t excel in all their products, and you’ll find some that are not designed to fit the highest standards. For instance, I like their fantastic airsoft MP5 as it is compact and lightweight, but I am not completely crazy about their AK series. These rifles are a bit flimsy in my opinion.

They also feature a wide range of M4s that I like, and you can get them in both plastic and metal body. I like that they provide you with the highest quality airsoft gun under 200 dollars with all the necessary accessories! No need to spend any extra money unless you want to upgrade your platform (which is very easy to do).

Regarding performance, most their weapons are accurate and support around 360 to 390 FPS. This is due to premium internals and the use of metallic elements where it matters. Even more, their weapons are easy to maintain because it’s effortless to pull them apart.

If you need another reason to consider ICS, you should know they are famous for their durability. Most guns feature a split gearbox design, and this allows you to fix anything that breaks, very fast (since I mentioned maintenance above).

They are also very well-developed in the accessories niche, and you can get ammunition, premium airsoft helmets, tracer units, chest rigs, and so on. Basically, you can get the best airsoft outfit from ICS without breaking the bank.

I like ICS for my collection, and I do recommend them if you’re not prepared to spend a lot of money on accessories and guns. They feature outstanding prices, and the level of quality is always at the highest standards.


  • Good quality in weapons
  • Durability
  • Both plastic and metal bodies
  • High-quality gear box
  • Affordable
  • Easy to open up and clean or change problematic parts
  • They produce spare parts
  • Great accessories


  • Not the best weapons on the market

Highly Rated ICS Products

I like the M4 from ICS (as I already mentioned) but these are two fantastic rifles that I recommend to anyone looking for some real action on the field:

  • ICS M16 Tactical FPS-450 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle – full metal construction, powerful, and easy to upgrade
  • ICS M4A1-41 FPS-425 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle – plastic body, powerful, well-equipped

A Few Final Words

To summarize, if you are a beginner and you’re testing your airsoft talent, I recommend going with FirePower. Their weapons are cheap but good enough for a first hand at the trade. However, they are not as durable for a long term relationship.

For beginners who want something more durable or they want a great AK-47 without digging deep in their pockets, CYMA is a fantastic choice. They still feature low prices, but their guns are better received by the airsoft community for the long term.

And finally, ICS is a great brand for both beginners and advanced players who don’t want to invest a lot of money in their weapon collection.

You should also keep in mind that these brands support accessories and spare parts as well. This makes the maintenance process a lot easier and helps upgrade the weapon, and the airsoft gear as your skills grow.