The BB (or the pellet) is the standard ammo used in airsoft and is one of the reasons why airsoft weapons are also called BB guns sometimes. The BBs come in an extra-wide range of models, weights, colors, and the market is flooded with brands, but there are only a few who produce the best airsoft BBs.

Through my years as a novice in air-soft, I tested a bunch of them, starting with the very cheap ones and ending with some of the best BBs for air soft guns. And now I can tell you that high-quality ammo is critical.

You need to consider things such as surface smoothness, weight consistency, and muzzle velocity to get the top product for your gun. This means you must look for BBs that are known to promote a smooth surface, without dents or seams, and you must always choose the right weight for your gun. If these features aren’t followed, your gun will jam, and you may even destroy the inner workings leading to crooked aim and decrease in range.

But what are the best air soft BBs to use?

Below I put together a guide that will tell you which BB ammo fit your gun for the top performance. I’ll also tell you the leading airsoft BBs to buy when you want the greatest range and accuracy.

ELITE FORCE .20g (Best BBs for Airsoft Pistols)

Type: 0.20g BBs

Best for: Airsoft pistols, GBBs and AEGs

Speed supported: Up to 350 FPS

Size: 2700ct

Container: pPlastic bottle with screw on lid

Special features: Slick surface, tested for various scenarios

Elite Force Airsoft is a well-known company in my (Goog Gun) world. They produce some of the best air-soft BBs on the market, and they have one of the best manufacturing processes possible. This allows them to follow quality standards to the letter and the resulting product is always smooth, without imperfections or dimples that cause a gun to jam.

The Elite Force .20g BBs are 5.95mm in diameter, and each pallet weighs 0.20g with a standard deviation of +-.01 (this means they are consistent in size). These features make them the premium airsoft pellets for guns shooting between 280 and 350 FPS using a 6mm barrel. This means that any entry pistol or rifle will work great with the BBs; anything higher will require heavier BBs for accuracy and range. Even more, many professional airsoft players prefer the Elite Force .20g BBs because they always help them deliver the finest performance in the field.

I like the fact that they come in a bottle (besides the zip bags that are used for BB storage) because it’s a lot easier to transport and even load. The screw on top is convenient and gives you quick access to the BBs while the bottle is specially designed to help you load the BBs in hi-cap magazines without touching them.

Important tip: You shouldn’t touch the BBs with your hands as you’ll leave oils from your finger or dirt (if you’re on the field) and this may lower their performance.

You should also know that each batch of BBs is tested for most usual air soft scenarios and they are suited for both mid and hi-cap magazines. These tests are run to make sure nothing will prevent you from giving your best on the field.

Finally, the price is affordable (considering the level of quality) and anyone looking to improve their performance in the field, should consider them. I recommend the Elite Force 0.20g BBs as the best airsofting ammo for anyone who wants to make sure their gun will last for a long time.


  • Great container that’s easy to access and use for loading
  • High-quality BBs
  • Tested for various scenarios
  • Well-polished and slick
  • Specially designed to reach the best possible range and flight path stability.


  • A bit more expensive than most models on the market


ELITE FORCE .25g (Great BBs for Rifles)

Type: 0.25g BBs

Best for: Rifles

Speed supported: Up to 500 FPS

Size: 5000ct

Container: Plastic bottle with screw on lid

Special features: Slick surface, tested for various scenarios

As the best air soft bb brand, Elite Force also produces, following the same levels of quality, the 0.25g BBs. With a smooth, seams free surface, these BBs are recommended for players who own more powerful weapons such as rifles. If your gun shoots over the 350 FPS range, then I recommend heavier BBs for increased accuracy and overall performance. If you don’t currently have a rifle you should read my reviews of the top rifles.

The 0.25g pellet is identical to the ones we discussed above (except for the weight which is 20% more). Still, you should know that these BBs will not be as effective on less powerful guns. Your range would drop, and your accuracy would be less impressive if you’d use them on an entry-level pistol. Find out the top level Air soft pistols you should know about.

Honestly, these BBs are my go-to choice since most my weapons are powerful enough to handle the 0.25g weight. And, just like the 0.20g ones, they come in a container that’s perfect for transport and allows you to load your hi-cap magazines without touching the pellets.


  • Powerful punch
  • Smooth surface
  • Work well on medium and long-range shootings
  • Well-balanced and consistent


  • Won’t work as well on less powerful weapons
  • A bit more expensive than the average products on the market

VALKEN .36g (Number 1 for Sniper Rifles)

Type: 0.36g BBs

Best for: Sniper rifles

Speed supported: over 500 FPS

Size: 2500ct

Container: Plastic bottle with screw on lid

Special features: Slick surface, dark colored

The Valken Tactical BBs are perfectly polished and heavier than the options I already discussed above. This makes them great for most powerful weapons out there regardless of their propulsion system (gas, electric, or spring). Still, I have to tell you that you’ll only achieve the best performance with a bolt action sniper of the highest quality (which is usually quite expensive).

I like to recommend them as the best airsoft BBs for sniper rifles, and I have two great reasons. One, they can beat ranges of up to 200 feet, and two, they are dark (or aqua) in color.

The impressive 200 feet range can be achieved with a high-quality sniper rifle and the Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs due to their ball bearing quality designed and perfectly polished surface. They are 5.95 in diameter and have a tolerance of +0.01. Just like with the BBs described above this means consistency and balance.

The color is important for a sniper because he/she doesn’t want their location discovered or their targets dodging the pellet at the last minute. The dark color makes them impossible to see in the field, (unlike the standard, white BBs). Still, this also makes the Hop Up adjustment a lot more difficult. Find out my most recommended sniper airsoft to buy if you are into sniping.

I especially like to recommend these BBs for air-soft players who pour money to get the best guns. After all, you’re buying a high-quality weapon, that’s capable of taking long-range shots, to use it, right? Well, these are the BBs that will keep your gun safe and will make you a legend on the field.


  • Straight flight path
  • Dark color makes them hard to see in the field
  • Accurate and slick
  • The leading airsoft BB weight for sniping and other powerful weapons


  • They work best with more expensive weapons
  • A bit more expensive than regular BBs