The brand is not always the main feature that attracts people into buying an air rifle, but in many cases, it weighs hard on the decision. Just like with most products, certain brands are associated with power while others are the very representation of quality or durability.

However, this is usually a subjective matter as we grow attached to a producer following different reasons. For instance, I like buying Winchester air rifles because I am familiar with all their products and I know how they work. Still, this doesn’t mean all their products are worth my attention (or yours for that matter).

Even more, there’s no guarantee that if you consider a certain producer as being the best air gun brand you’ll also get a top notch product. Even well-established gun manufacturers slip from time to time and release a low-standard product.

Your buying reasons are also important: are you looking to buy from the best air brands in order to complete your collection? Or maybe you’re looking for something that will help you improve your aim. In any situation, there is an air company or brand that may prove better than the rest.

With this idea in mind, I at (Goog Gun) decided to do a review of the top air brands on the market. I consider them best based on quality, efficiency, customer service, and access to their products. Also, check out my review on the top airsoft brands on the market.


Crosman Corporation is an American company with a long history (since 1924) in the niche of air gun design. Today, they are known all over the world as one of the best air gun manufacturers which is quite impressive considering the names on the market.

Their main products are pellet and BB air pistols and rifles but they also produce ammunition and accessories. However, the brand is mostly known for their large selection of air guns which are lightweight, easy to use, and accurate.

Over time, they managed to create quite a few masterpieces but sadly they also have some low-quality products that weigh down the brand. Still, if you want the best target shooting air rifle in the world, it is most likely to be a Crosman model.

Another feature that makes people (especially beginners and children) choose Crosman, is the break-barrel design which was introduced in most of their gun models. This is a spring-loaded rifle that can be cocked and loaded by simply snapping the barrel. This means no stiffness and no sore arm muscles from pumping.

So, in the end, I can recommend Crosman as being the best air manufacturer for beginners. Still, their guns are gorgeous and easy to use so anyone who doesn’t want a lot of action from their gun may find them good as well.


  • Easy to use air guns
  • Lots of models
  • High-quality and durability
  • They produce both guns and ammunition


  • Some of their products are not reliable

Best Crosman Air Rifles

Now that we know a bit about Crosman, let’s see some of their masterpieces:

  • Benjamin Marauder – a .22 caliber rifle, great for target shooting
  • Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston – a .177 caliber rifle with wooden stock and a great range
  • Crosman M4-177 Tactical Pump – one of the first M4 firearm replicas on the market

All these can be found on the most air websites so you shouldn’t have any problems in making a purchase.


The RWS brand is the very definition of high-quality and customer support. With a rich history in the ammunition and weapons niche, RWS produces some of the most beautiful rifles on the market. Of course, they are also solid and durable in time.

According to their description and experience, their rifles and ammunition are often used for sportive competitions due to their amazing accuracy and efficiency. Even more, all their rifles are easy to use and clean which is quite a big deal for both hunters and enthusiasts.

Another reason that puts RWS on the list of my best air brands for 2017 is their customer support. They stand behind their products and you’ll always get a helping hand from their support service regardless of your rifle’s age.

Of course, quality always comes with a higher price but this is to be expected when you receive a better product and better service. Honestly, I like to recommend RWS rifles to both enthusiasts and advanced air rifle users regardless of the higher price.


  • High-quality rifles and ammunition
  • Gorgeous air rifles
  • Great customer support


  • A bit more expensive

Top RWS Air Rifles

Well, it’s always difficult to choose the best of the best rifle but I managed to put together a top three RWS rifles you can find in most air online stores:

  • RWS Model 34 – a gorgeous .22 rifle with 800 FPS and great accuracy
  • RWS Model 54 – also known as the Air King this rifle is recoilless for perfect accuracy
  • RWS Model 48 – a fast .177 caliber rifle shooting at 1100 FPS


It’s American, it’s popular, and it’s perfect! The Winchester Company started with real guns in 1866 and their name is associated with quality and durability even today. The Winchester rifles are good-looking and powerful but, most important, they won’t let you down under any circumstance.

What I like the most about Winchester, as one of the best air gun manufacturers, is their capability to produce good rifles. After all, have you ever had problems with a Winchester?

Still, while they may be good at what they do, their rifles are not for everyone. Yes, some are easy to use but the more advanced models offer a wide range of settings that are not for beginners. So, if you’re an experienced air shooter looking for a high-quality, solid rifle, you should go for a Winchester.


  • Well-designed and build
  • High-quality
  • Powerful and solid rifles


  • Some models are only recommended for advanced users

Best Winchester Air Guns

Again, it is quite difficult to select only a few models but I did my best and here are the air rifles I like to recommend:

  • Winchester 1000 Break Barrel – a .177 caliber rifle that shoots at 1000 FPS
  • Winchester Model 1400CS – a .177 caliber rifle, break-barrel, that can shoot at 1400 FPS

This is my best air brands list and I hope it will be of help in choosing your next masterpiece. Of course, there are other good brands out there, but these are my favorite and I stand by them.