About Us

We’re Gun People

I created this blog to form a community of gun folks that can get advice from someone that has been in the field for a long time. On my blog, you will find tons of reviews and guides of the latest weapons released on the market. Primary I am focusing on airsoft industry, but I do have experience in paintball and air guns as well. I am hoping to expand this community and blog to those industries soon too.

About Me

My name is Tom, and I am the blogger behind Goog Gun. I have been in the gun industry since 1998, primarily because my dad used to be one of the best hunters in America. Being in a home where shotguns and bullet rows on the kitchen table were a regular thing, this sparked my passion and curiosity for guns. In my late teens, my friends and I begin airsoft battles. Later, that turned into joining tournaments and winning prizes with my team.

Picking the right airsoft gear can be frustrating, I remember when it was for me. This is the reason why I created Goog Gun. It’s to help people find the perfect gear for their airsoft battles. Feel free to send me a message or connect with me on Twitter.